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Valkyrie Canada Auto Group. The first auto company to 
incorporate financial certification to its sales and loan teams, bringing you a professional service to help design your transportation budget, find the right vehicle for it, and put you in the driver's seat of one of life's biggest decisions.

Offering You Expanded Options

Since 2020, we've been delivering financial power to Canadians by introducing an innovative bridge between two industries. 

Quality vehicles & loans
By working only with handpicked, franchised dealerships, it ensures we can provide you with the highest quality vehicles, service, and financing rates.
Navigate your life with no pressure
Birds-eye view
We are here to help by those who want it. That's why we can offer a no-pressure approach that focuses on taking your goals, cashflow, and lifestyle into account, then creating solution ideas that just make sense. 
Our team looks at your whole financial picture to see ways of saving you money, sometimes in ways that aren't obvious. 
Knowledge is power
We know you want to be in control of your vehicle purchase. That's why we offer you the knowledge necessary to make well-informed decisions every step of the way.
Futuristic approach
We've chosen to offer a process that mimics purchasing a home. That means you decide your financing and get approvals first, before choosing your vehicle. This way, you have control without surprises. 
Protecting what's important
Our auto team is the first that's qualified to offer you the same insurance protection options that are reserved only for certified financial professionals. More security, more guarantee, more affordably.
Car Interior

We don't just sell cars. We provide a 'Valkyrie Experience'.
~ Chris, Co-Founder

"A Valkyrie Experience is one you feel the whole time working with us and beyond. It's the unforgettable service you receive and the better life you'll have because of what we accomplish together."
~ Jamie, Co-Founder 

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